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i decided to make a new avatar for google/youtube/bla so here it is!!!
it's too (HD) for this S#!tY news section so here's the linkerooni:


in comparasion - the old version:

ok bye
Posted on 29 Aug 2016 by pizzadude
Anyone who knows me knows I use Linux.

In 2012 I wanted to jump on the Linux blogging bandwagon.

http://pizzadude.ca/blog/ was born.

Then I barely wrote any articles.

Maybe I'll write some more. Or maybe it will stay dead.

Only time will tell.
Posted on 13 Dec 2014 by pizzadude
A year or two ago I challenged myself to get off my arse and make a new version of the site.


I'm horrible at CSS, making sites that look like they were made in 1999 on geocities. You can see a hideous example from 2006 here:

(Shield your eyes, a then-10 year old's attempt at web design. Yikes.)

But of course "newsite" was never updated, maybe because I'm lazy or because it looked ok in Chrome but not Firefox, and was broken in IE and Safari.

But who visits my site in IE? Maybe Safari.

Wait, no one goes to this part of my site.

I forgot.
Posted on 13 Dec 2014 by pizzadude
I updated the look of the site, after a long time, and it isn't much different. Oh, and I updated the news software, which wiped out all the previous news.
Posted on 13 Dec 2014 by pizzadude
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